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2010 WSOP Additions and Changes Announced

26 April 2010, By:
WSOP organizers have announced several changes to tournaments and amenities of the World Series of Poker 2010.
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The 2010 WSOP is a month away and organizers with the WSOP have announced several changes for this coming WSOP in regards to how things will run.

Some are changes to tournaments, while others will be changes to some of amenities that the WSOP has to offer.

The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Day 1D Registration May Be Cut Off

Last year, Day 1D sold out at the WSOP causing a lot of players, including Mike Sexton and T.J. Cloutier to be shut out of the Main Event.  This year, players have been encouraged to pre-register for the event and they have responded in record numbers.  Over 1,000 players have already registered and a majority have picked Day 1D as their start time.  As such, the WSOP has decided that at some point, Day 1D registration will be cut off and players will be moved around to fill up the other days.

Poker Kitchen Gone and Sports Bar Added

The Poker Kitchen has been eliminated this year in lieu of the "Gutshot Grill."  This new grill will be housed inside of the Miranda Room and gives players a food option that does not require them going through a wall of smoke or facing the Nevada heat.  Also, the "Bad Beat Bar and Lounge" has been added to allow World Cup fans a place to watch the games and maybe even bet on their teams.  Final approval has yet to be obtained for sports betting inside of the bar.

Cash Games Moved and Day 2 Start Times Changed

If you like to play cash games, you no longer have to worry about what tournament started in the Amazon Room.  This year, the games will be moved to the Pavilion Room, complete with their own cage.  Also, for those that make Day 2 of an event, you will get an extra half hour of sleep.  Day 2 start times will be moved to 2:30 P.M.  Part of the reason is to allow the "Bracelet Ceremony" to conclude as to not cause a delay in Day 2 events.  Also, the Bracelet Ceremony will be moved to the Pavilion Room.

Pavilion Room Added - Poker Palooza History

The Pavilion Room will be utilized during the entire WSOP and will act as a secondary online poker tournaments room.  In the past, Brasilia and Miranda have been used for this purpose.  Also, with the addition of the Pavilion Room for tournaments, the Poker Palooza will no longer be a part of the WSOP.  There will be some autograph signings and special events in the Brasilia Room, but the at times Poker Palooza event was sacrificed to allow for added tables.  With the addition of the Pavilion Room, the Rio can host 30% more tables than in previous years.

With just a month left before the 2010 WSOP, things are beginning to really take shape.  For those attending the event as a player, a more enjoyable playing experience should be expected.  Also, the new additions in regards to the sports bar, interior poker kitchen, and even a more stable cash game area shows that the management with the WSOP is taking the right steps in trying to take care of their players.

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