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10 Poker Sponsorships You Will Never See - Poker Junkie

15 November 2012, By:
The world of professional poker sponsorship can be a topsy-turvy one.
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Brandon Cantu for Caesars Entertainment? Probably not.

The world of professional poker sponsorship can be a topsy-turvy one. Even so, there are still some deals that will never see the light of day.

Below are our ten poker sponsorships you will never see.

1) Luke Schwartz for the European Poker Tour

Luke Schwartz doesn't have the best history on the European Poker Tour.

In 2009 he got banned from an EPT host casino and then later banned for the remainder of the 2009 EPT Season for his behavior.

Schwartz's never to be used tagline? "You think you can play on the EPT" followed by him flipping the bird.

2) Phil Ivey for Full Tilt Poker

After being the face of the company for years, many feel that the Ivey lawsuit at the beginning of the 2011 World Series of Poker cost the company a deal that could have allowed it to repay players.

Now the company is owned by PokerStars and the odds of him being signed by Full Tilt ever again are just slightly better than Jeffrey Pollack finding work in poker again.

3) Jamie Gold for a Poker Site You've Actually Heard About

Jamie Gold's history of bad endorsement deals continued with his stint as host of the Jamie Gold Poker Room at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

Or, shall we say, the now defunct poker room at the Trop. Based on his track record with poker endorsements, we find it hard to beleive any site will gamble on him in the future unless it's an obscure site we've never heard of like

4) Isildur1 for

For Viktor Blom, all you need to do to find out his opinion about data mining online poker hand histories is bring up one name: Brian Townsend.

Isildur1 went from online poker hero to down over $2 million thanks in part to hand histories studied by Townsend.

Blom's never-to-be-used tagline for PTR could be "I went from online hero to near busto thanks to"

5) TJ Cloutier for American Credit Counselors

Cloutier has a history of being a deadbeat borrower, burning a good number of players he has borrowed from.

(We don't say all because there may be some player somewhere in the world he paid back. Feel free to email us if you happen to be one of those players.)

Considering the fact that Cloutier pawned a WSOP bracelet and didn't bother to pick it up, he may not be the best person to seek financial advice from.

6) Thang Luu for WSOP Dealer Academy

For those of you that don't remember Thang Luu, he was the player who won back-to-back bracelets in 2008 and 2009 in the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo event and then got banned from the WSOP for breaking a dealer's hand in a cash game.

Luu could explain to dealers the importance of having cat-like reflexes in order to avoid the chip hammer. Or he could just tell them to call in sick the day of the Omaha events.

7) Allen Kessler for Turbo Poker Tournaments

"Hi, I'm Allen Kessler and I would like to invite you to some of the fastest poker events on the planet."

We think Allen's head would literally explode if he had to endorse fast-structured poker tournaments.

8) Howard Lederer for ANY Poker Site

"Hello, my name is Howard Lederer and I play for..." are not words you are likely to hear again. Ever.

After the whole Full Tilt Poker fiasco and recent confirmations by Chad Elie that Lederer lied through his teeth, the odds of anyone ever wanting to take the risk of signing Lederer are longer than Russ Hamilton winning the 2013 WSOP Main Event.

9) Annie Duke Signs With

We all know the long-time rivalry between Annie Duke and Daniel Negreanu - although granted the rivalry is more Daniel's than Annie's.

With as much hatred as Daniel has exhibited for Duke over the years, Negreanu would probably have the site shut down before ever allowing Duke to represent it.

10) Brandon Cantu Signs With Caesars Entertainment

We all know how much Brandon Cantu loves the WSOP, considering they "screwed him out of a bracelet."

Can you imagine the tagline for a Brandon Cantu WSOP commercial?

"Join me and we can get screwed together at the final table during the 2013 World Series of Poker."

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