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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 9 - Weiner, Boobies, and Zombies

9 June 2011, By: compncards
Weiner 225x300
Weiner 225x300

At today's World Series of Twitter final table, we find out it is not a good idea to mess with Jack Effel, Alex Rocha is interested in colon health, and for a minute a former WSOP champion had risen from the dead.

In Seat 9, Carter King decides he wants to be like Congressman Anthony Weiner:

CKingLivePro Think I'm going to take a page out of @RepWeiner 's book and troll my followers for some slutty women.

Now we know why more people want Wi-Fi at the Rio.


Chris Hall come in at Seat 8 and tells us just how good that Chris Bjorin is running. (Bjorin just finished 2nd in Event #9 of the 2011 WSOP.)

ChrisKPHall Chris Bjorin has the best seat in the house. He's between Liv Boeree and Xuan Liu.

I'm sure Bjorin would like to stand pat today.


In Seat 7, WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel comes in after taking what appears to be a dig at Jon Turner:

WSOPTD RT @PearlJammed: @WSOPTD I15 at dead stand still... Ft at 4, don't like my chances <~guess you should have been a little nicer to me, huh?

Normally, I would overlook this as needling.  However, earlier in the day, we had this tweet:

WSOPTD RT @BraveJayhawk: @WSOPTD Can you ask the city to extend the duration of the left turn signal into the Rio during the WSOP? <~ hmm. I'll see

There are several types of players. Rocks, jackals, lions, elephants, and Jack Effel. Don't mess with Jack.


In Seat 6, we have this tidbit from Eric Baldwin:

basebaldy Best T-shirt of the WSOP so far. Old calculator reading '5318008'.

Boobies!!!  For those still clueless, proceed to the next one.


Phillip Meadow makes his 2nd final table this week in Seat 5 and tells us just what he thinks of the Ladies Event.

PhilDes24 Winning a Ladies Event is like winning a bronze at the Special Olympics! V. Selbst has proven we don't need to segregate, join us ladies!

I agree that segregation is wrong. My bankroll on the other hand would rather NOT see Vanessa Selbst at the table.


Wendy Mortensen in the four seat probably won't get this mental image out of her mind for a while:

wndywitch My boss seriously did not just come in here and tell me the story of the day is "We can now see Weiner's wiener."

Oh he wished he were an Oscar Meyer wiener ...


In Seat 3, Alex Rocha wishes an unusual fate to a guy that cracked his kings:

a1ex_r0cha Hoping that middle aged guy that cracked my KK has to get a colonoscopy in the near future. #wsop #colonoscopy

I wish that Alex was being concerned for colon health in this one. Don't forget those screenings men.


In Seat 2, Joseph Reitman tells us about a guy who is either really sadistic or really cheap:

JoeUgly guy on plane sitting next 2 me pulls out a sweater of a girl who spent last night w/ him. Hes traveling the world w/ it and sending her pics

So did the girl turn down traveling the world with him? Was he too cheap to take her with him? We've got to know these things. Otherwise, this guy is just plain odd.


In Seat 1 we have a conversation that involves both Bryan Devonshire and Bryan Micon. Devo sent out the following:

devopoker Shootout's underway. Hal Fowler and Greg Raymer to my left. Hal's play by play caller is solid, it's interesting to experience.

There is just one problem with this. Hal Fowler died in 2000.

Fortunately, it was not Fowler's zombie as Micon quickly corrected Devo.

@devopoker - Hal Fowler has been dead for a minute now... Hal Lubarsky on the other hand is alive and his card-whisperer pwns

Give Devo credit. He did own up to his mistake:

devopoker "@TurnRiva: @devopoker It's Hal Lubarsky tho" <-- I'm a moran

Now, if we can just get him acclimated with spell check, he will be all set.


Come back tomorrow as nine more tweets bring you more craziness in the 2011 World Series of Twitter.

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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    Yes, in IRL no one but no one would disagree with your oiiopnn. Much too scary, and dangerous to have an idea different than yours. Yeah. But it's not about being rational that has me say he's a pussy, it is his continual whining, I don't know. I don't like it. I don't like it. shit over and over so Fuck yes odds are not in your favor, in the long run, it's called GAMBLING. And stepping on someone who's been losing is a dogshit move. I don't like the guy. Okay?