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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 23 - Burger Flippers, Comedian Dealers and Uses for Chicken McNuggets

23 June 2011, By: compncards
Chicken McNuggets 353x300
Chicken McNuggets 353x300

On Day 23 of the 2011 World Series of Twitter we have burger flipping poker players, dealers that double as comedians and creative uses for chicken mcnuggets.

PokerGrump is in Seat 9 today talking politics:

PokerGrump Poker Grump

So at the end of Obama's term, he will leave in Afghanistan about twice as many U.S. troops as were there when he took office.

PokerGrump Poker Grump

Good thing he got that Nobel Peace Prize thing out of the way early on.

Hey now.  President Obama received his NPP for ... ummm ... ok, I got nothing.


Paul Valkenburg reminds poker players of an important fact about $1,500 event fields:

PaulValkenburg Gotta stop overestimating guys disguised as young online pros. Wish he brought up his job at McD's before the hand... Down to 3k

I want to know what McDonalds this guy works at to afford to play in the WSOP. I never worked at McDonalds, but the last I checked my local fast food workers didn't make $1,500 in 3 months.


Jeff Madsen is in Seat 7 and having some fun at the tables:

JeffMadsenobv Jeff Madsen

Lol a guy at our table just pulled out a portable cd player haven't seen one of those in years haha we all started clowning on him. #classic

JeffMadsenobv Jeff Madsen

Aha then asian lady dealer says "must have spent all his money on tattoos" (guy is tatted up) we laugh and she says "I quit my day job soon"

Once at the Bike in L.A., I was in the Omaha 8 cash game and after about 2 or 3 beats this player points at this Asian dealer and says "I'm going to see you outside dealer."

A couple of gentlemen started to get up out of their seats to confront him and the dealer held up her hand and said, "It's ok. He gonna give me ride home."

Everyone, including the guy that started the scene, busted up laughing.


Kim Shannon is in Seat 6 and I think she's a little confused about sex:

kimshannon So... Sex is s'posed to burn calories, but I think I actually GAINED weight from just laying there for the whole two minutes.

As I told her, salt does make your retain water. Do with that comment what you will.


Lizzy Harrison is in Seat 5 and has me a bit confused:

LizzyFTP Happy to be cone-free in the AM!

The picture is of a dog. What does this have to do with cones?

Ice cream cones? Coneheads? Have you been enslaved by Beldar? Do you have something against conehead people?


Annie Duke is in Seat 4 exercising her creative side:

AnnieDuke After passing a billboard in Barstow, spent the rest of the drive home wondering what possible uses there could be for 50 chicken mcnuggets.

You could throw them at people, use them as card protectors, play poker with them, play pirates (eyepatch), play Mcnugget jenga, and so many more wonderful ideas.

Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Why do you think I wrote this blog?!?


Jason Koon is in the four seat and was proposed with a "religiousesque" question:

JasonKoon Old guy just 3 bet me and asked "what would Greg Raymer do." when I piled him... Guess Greg woulda folded.

At least he didn't ask "What would Jesus do?" and disappear for the WSOP. #YesIWentThere.


Jeff aka Hooch and I are in Seat 3. I made the following statement today on Twitter:

compncards For some reason, I am going to voluntarily pay money to watch a Jim Carrey movie this weekend. I thought I got over my illness.....

Without missing a beat, Jeff replied with:

@Hooch474 @compncards illness?...cognitive masochism?

For the record, I am just going for the penguins. They remind me of little monkeys. And we know how I like monkeys. Quit looking at me like that!!!


Jimmy Fricke is being trolled in Seat 2:

jvfricke I think pokernews is trolling me. Bravo.

That could be a good thing if it's one of the gorgeous PokerNews Hostesses. Not so much if it's @donnie_peters or one of the other guys.

Unless you swing that way. In that case you might be trolling all day.


Dan Bilzerian is in Seat 1 and still doesn't like Tobey McGuire:

DanBilzerian Going on ABC news tonight to set record strait, on my mis quotes in Star mag article. And yes Tobey McGuire plays poker like a nitty bitch

Tell us how you really feel Dan.  What are your feelings on Spider Man 3?

That's all for today folks. Come back tomorrow when we find out where Horatio Cain is always running off to after giving his one-liners to open CSI: Miami. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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