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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 2 - Bluff, Gus Hansen, and a Penis Walk into a Bar

2 June 2011, By: compncards
Gus Hansen Penis 258x300
Gus Hansen Penis 258x300

Day 2 of the 2011 World Series of Poker has produced yet another World Series of Twitter final table.

Nine players have survived the literally tens of thousands of WSOP tweets to take their spot at this final.

In Seat 9, we have joe sebok. While he may no longer be with UB, he still is going to play the 2011 WSOP:

big first day at the 2011 wsop. i really hope it's encore won't be me getting murdered once i get there tomorrow. :) #halfjokes

Don't worry, players are too busy hatin' on Full Tilt.

In Seat 8 Nima Nejat gave any gamer from the 80s and early 90s a blast from the past:

nimatime ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A start

All I can say is, get the spread!!!


In Seat 7, I was personally disappointed with Jon Friedberg when he ruined the Christmas magic for many of the children around the world with the following:

JonFriedberg @laurenkling there is no Santa, but cash and bracelets are very real. Win them both! Glglgl

I said something to him and he replied @compncards it's ok. We are both Jewish! Lol

Fair 'nuff.


Richard Lyndaker is in the six seat and seemed to be bragging about a weight loss bet.  #Fail

nutsinho Completed weight loss bet w @BigCheese_poker Lost 11 pounds the right way. He lost...more. But I'm happy for him!

Next on the "Biggest Loser - WSOP Edition" Mike Matusow - Ted Forrest II.


Jason Mercier joins us in the five hole and was trying to pick up some equity in the men's room:

JasonMercier Pissed next to David sklansky on the break of the Omaha8. That's gotta be good for a few sklansky bucks

So does that mean if I piss next to Howard Lederer I could get my Full Tilt bankroll back?  Ya, I didn't think so either.


In Seat 4, Erica Schoenberg has apparently decided that she don't need to keep her girlish figure now that she recently married Erick Lindgren. Also, the term "honeymoon" doesn't apply during the WSOP.

thehitwoman Erica Schoenberg

Played the o/8 today & lost w/top full house to quads :(. Oh well i'm at in n out now!

The would be "In and Out Burger" for the West Coast challenged among our readers.


In Seat 3, Jose Luis Villadiego makes some speculation on where Phil Ivey will land now that it is clear his days with Full Tilt Poker are done.

PokerVilladiego Q: Could you imagine Ivey wearing the PS patch? A: nah... PS is for pros who actually win... And Boris Becker / LMFAO! #poker #jokes #epic

I guess 8 bracelets doesn't put Ivey in the #winning category.


In the two seat, Adam Levy tells the Twitterverse what I have been thinking for a couple days now:

Roothlus a.k.a. these separate Twitter accounts for chips seem dumb. just make your updates interesting.



In Seat 1, Poker Grump tweeted something that I just looked at and went, huh?  Of course, I had to share:

PokerGrump How much editorial discussion took place before this sentence made it into Bluff? "Now they wouldn't fuck us with Gun Hansen's dick."

I know I missed something. I had to.  Otherwise, I have to meet this guy. He seems cool.

That wraps up another final table from the World Series of Twitter.

Come back tomorrow when another nine hopefuls try and make the WSOT final table.

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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  • Charlie 02/06/2011 8:15pm (7 years ago)

    Thanks James, you're officially the best. You'll be my single-source provider during the series. Please make sure I don't miss anything good!