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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 15 - Durrrr, Prop Bets and Ice Cream Shoes

14 June 2011, By: compncards
Tom Dwan 199x300
Tom Dwan 199x300

We finally reached another final table of nine at Day 15 of the 2011 World Series of Twitter, aka the compcards finally decided to work a full shift edition.

We find out that Dan Smith knows how to prop bet, Rich Ryan has interesting tastes in clothing and proper grooming is important before meetings.

George Lind III in Seat 9 shares with us his table draw experience today in the $5k NL Shootout at the 2011 WSOP:

GeorgeLindIII U know i have a bad table draw when durrr is complaining about how tuff the table is #wsop24

The kiddie games are later in the week.


Beth Shak is in Seat 8 and apparently had her WTF moment for the day:

bethshak With a migraine I'm having my teeth cleaned and the hygienist Asked me where my heels are ha ha

Wet dogs smell pretty.


BJ Nemeth makes his first final table of the WSOT in Seat 7.  People complain of the heat in Vegas, but BJ seems to enjoy it:

BJNemeth Finally got my car's air conditioning fixed after two weeks in Vegas. Good thing I have a very high tolerance for heat.

BJ clearly comes from a warmer climate, like the 7th layer of Hell.


Dan Smith in Seat 6 shares with us an impressive prop bet:

dansmithholla If I cash more times than the rest of my house combined, I get to slap everyone. Dan: 2 Rest of House 0

Looks like Dan is about to lay the smack down on ALL their candy asses.

Sorry, Rock moment there.


In Seat 5, g0lfa has decided to make Vegas his town of choice to try a new experience:

g0lfa trying to find a good place to try acupuncture for the first time in vegas... any recommendations?

Ya, somewhere else. Tell me how this works.

Ok, I want to try acupuncture. Where should I try it?

A place where they have specialists in the field or in a place with a bunch of degenerate gamblers. Let's go for the latter and make prop bets on it!!


After reading Darryll Fish in Seat 4, either I am getting old or I really need to brush up on my online poker nicknames:

The_DFish We now have Taypaur, Hafizzle. And Croll join the table, definitely in for a rollercoaster now

Te'alc, Worf, and Darmok will join you shortly. Fashizzle! Word.


Rich Ryan is in Seat 3 and huh?

RichTRyan .@CourtHarrington Don't lie sir, you love my ice cream shoes. You going to leave the lake anytime soon and ship a bracelet?

I wanted to go back and see where this conversation came from, but I'm sure I will kill the humor in it.

Or I will find Court licking Rich's shoes, which is just icky so I'll just leave it at that.


Tom Dwan makes his first final table of the WSOT as well in Seat 2 and needs to remember that those that live in glass houses....

Tom_Dwan Have a pretty terrible table in the 5k shootout, but running good. One of the ub scum guys is at the table over @kevinsaulivepro gettin him

Mark Gahagan was quick to remind him of some important and not so popular facts:

Mark_Gahagan @Tom_Dwan Uh, I don't think you are in a position to call anyone "UB scum" since your company hasn't paid back either.

Well played Mark.


In Seat 1 we have Ali Nejad. He reminds us of an important grooming tip before a meeting:

Ali_Nejad #NotetoSelf: in the future, check teeth for lunch remnants BEFORE meeting.

Also, be sure your fly is zipped and a piece of your white dress shirt isn't sticking out from black dress pants before you get up before an entire room to give a speech.

What?  It's a good tip!


Come back tomorrow when we do the same thing we do every night, try to take over the world!!

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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