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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 11 - Elvis, LeBron and Bananas

10 June 2011, By: compncards
Lacey Jones 401x300
Lacey Jones 401x300

Day 11 of the 2011 World Series of Twitter had an Elvis sighting, a new protest arise at the WSOP, and we find out that Roland de Wolfe may have a new job.

Coming in at Seat 9, we have the lovely Lacey Jones. Her tweet has to do with the leading photo:

LaceyJones Trying to decide who at my table is more famous: Gavin or Elvis @WSOP

Just a guess, but I doubt most anyone near Memphis has ever heard of Gavin Smith.


Sam Stein in Seat 8 must be a Dallas Maverick fan:

KingKobeMVP If you ask LeBron for $1 he would only give you 75 cents. He never has a 4th quarter.

Yes, I saw his name mentioned Kobe. However, Kobe is not playing for the NBA title this year is he?


In Seat 7, Kim Shannon returns to the final table but I don't think she knows where she has been:

kimshannon I'm using the stains on my clothes to piece together what happened last night. It's like the hedonistic version of "Clue".

I vote pole dancing, in the Rhino, with Mr. Klink.


Dutch Boyd makes his first final table of the WSOT in Seat 6.

He reminds us why it's a good idea to know what game you're playing when you're in a HORSE rotation:

DutchBoyd Best moment of the series so far... Guy caps every street w/ a Jack then on 7th looks at the stud/8 plaque and says "I made a mistake".

I once made a similar play in Stud 8. Of course, I was rolled up with fives and caught quads on fifth ...


Kurt Braunohler in Seat 5 either really hates first dates or he has a lot on his mind to say:

kurtbraunohler First dates are like oral examinations at a really shitty university that only studies small talk.

Could be worse. It could be like a getting a colonoscopy at a school that teaches roto rooting.


In Seat 4, Mark Gahagan may have just broke the next big poker scandal:

Mark_Gahagan I now know where the rake goes in WPT/LAPC events. Have you seen how many WSOP events @SavagePoker has played???

So WPT money is funding the WSOP? I think Jack would like that.


In Seat 3, Chris Hall gives us a recommendation that is either misspelled, or concerning:

ChrisKPHall Just fyi, I recommend following @RolandPoker for the most amusing rubdowns from Roland de Wolfe.

Roland de Wolfe is giving rubdowns?

How does that work? Does he give them between hands, or just after he busts out of events? Does he charge?

Why am I asking so many questions?


In Seat 2 we have Padraig Parkinson. Apparently there will be another protest held in relation to the WSOP this summer:

padraig888 Padraig Parkinson monkeys union join wsop boycott in protest at $2.50 banannas in Poker Kitchen

How long will the persecution of monkeys continue?

Go out now and donate to the MPHPBA (Monkeys Protesting High Price Bananas Association.) No, they don't exist, but they probably will get more accomplished than the PPA.


In Seat 1, the First Lady of Poker Linda Johnson makes her first WSOT final table.

She tells us about a spat between a married couple:

FirstLadyPoker Wife tells hubby to stop pushing her around and talking behind her back. He replies,"What am I supposed to do? You're in a wheelchair.

Even her jokes are classy.


Come back tomorrow when we find out the meaning of life.

(Note:  Tomorrow is an off day for the WSOT, so the meaning of life edition will be moved to the 5th Monday of this month.)

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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