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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 10 - Nuts, Durrrr, and Bears - Oh My!

9 June 2011, By: compncards
broke 200x300
broke 200x300

It's Day 10 at the 2011 World Series of Twitter. Today we find out about Annie Duke's nuts, the question on the mind of everyone in Las Vegas, and an interesting fact about bears.

Jeff aka Hooch474 makes another return to the final table after telling us about the hardships of some Full Tilt players:

Hooch474 I hear the Full Tilt players are so broke, they are tipping waitresses with 30 second poker lessons...

Problem is, they are only redeemable on Full Tilt.


In Seat 8, PokerWTF reminds us it is good to give to charity:

PokerWTF I will be donating 40% of my winnings to @JimShipley's penis enlargement procedure.

This seems to be a charity with expected growth in the future.


Sam Razavi tries to remind us from Seat 7 of an old cliché, but realizes that he had trouble with arithmetic.

Sam_Razavi Leaving for the Rio to play the $1.5K PL Holdem. Was going to say 3rd time lucky but just realised this is my 4th event. Hmmmm.

I would say that there are four balls in a walk, but that's only good for first base. However, after 3 straight bustouts, first base may be an improvement?


Collin Capone in the six seat is a big fan of Annie Duke's Nuts:

Collincapone Annie Duke's nuts are 20% off today. Her brother Howard Lederer may be in the market for some as it appears he's lost his balls.

Well, his sister does seem to have his number at the poker table. Might as well have his nuts too.


Michele Lewis makes her first final table of the year and is in Seat 5.

She points out the one question that everyone in Vegas has on their mind:

MicheleLewis Apparently, one of the hardest questions to answer in las Vegas is "What is today?"

I only knew this was Day 10. I had to look at my computer clock to see it was June 9th. (Yes, I just double checked for accuracy.)


Graham Linehan in Seat 4 has been working on lying to his kids:

Glinner Wow, you should have heard the bullshit answer I just gave to my daughter on "How does medicine work?".

Couldn't be any worse than the story I told someone so I could get them to drop a Grand Theft Auto charge against my friend. The look the cop gave me.....


In Seat 3, Collin Cooley had me confused for a minute:

runwicked Came home from Denver last night to a clean house with a smiling brown dog and a fridge loaded with food+meals. Beyond touched & belly full.

By the way I read this, his dog cleaned his house, filled his fridge with food, and cooked him dinner. I want that dog!!!


Karl Mahrenholz is in Seat 2 and tells us how things went from bad to worse during his event at the 2011 WSOP today:

KarlMahrenholz Just when the 2 online kids pretending to be durrrr were beginning to annoy me, durrrr sits down

Durrrr isn't annoying. Creepy is more the proper term. And pale. And creepy. Creepy pale.


In Seat 1, Matt Hawrilenko brings us an interesting fact about bears:

hoss_tbf Real life Dwight schrute at my table. Been talking about bears for 20 minutes. Fact: supersoaker with ammonia will get them out of trees!

The question I wanna know is, how you get that bear up there in them trees?


Come back tomorrow as we ask the question "If Jimmy cracked corn, and we don't care, then why do we have to feed the chickens?"

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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