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On discriminating tournaments

28 September 2009, By: Lady Junkie

I agree with compncards that discriminating tournaments could probably be disposed of pretty much. Women should be able to compete against men in poker.

Also, in casino tournaments, people are typically well educated and decent. I don’t think I’ve ever felt embarrassed for men’s attitude toward me in a casino tournament. Almost never.

As opposed to the typical back-room poker game where a really stupid machismo style often diminishes the pleasure. Which I’m sure many guys agree with as well.

Yes, I think the tendency of treating people with fairness is more prominent in educated populations. I am prejudiced in that way.

But I disagree with the comparison with (imaginary) men-only tournaments. It’s not the same. The situation is not symmetrical.

It’s a fact that women have been and still are struggling to have equal rights and possibilities in most or all parts of the world.

There have been plenty of men-only tournaments throughout history. Admittedly not due to explicit rules, but due to the conditions for women in society.

The purpose of positive discrimination is not to award women things they don’t deserve. Also, a woman should not get a job for which she is equally qualified as a man BECAUSE she’s a woman, but DESPITE being a woman.

The opposite has been the norm for so long. One way to even things out a little bit is to apply a temporary counter-discrimination. At least I think this thought has something going for it.

Some women would probably like to turn the oppressive system around completely and make men suffer all kinds of inequalities. They often call themselves feminists, but no serious feminist would subscribe to that view.

At least I hope so.


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