Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010 Switch Poker - Real Money Poker for iPhone / iPad

Finally someone has taken action on the flagrant lack of real money poker for the iPhone. Switch Poker is up and running.

Switch Poker client on the iPhone

It was a matter of time, of course. Apple couldn't keep their iPhone platform clean from gambling - as poker is sometimes mistakenly called.

Switch Poker first out on the iPhone

In our comprehensive guide to iPhone poker we described how awkward real money poker on the iPhone has been up until now. Impossible, or almost.

But with the launch of Switch Poker, real money poker is readily available for the iPhone and iPad. You can check it out here.

The creators themselves admit that the present version is very basic. No limit holdem cash games is all you can get for now, with more games and formats being developed as we speak.

On the other hand, no limit holdem cash games are the bulk of online poker, so most players will be happy about this first step.

Questionnable giveaway

The first 100 players to deposit money in the Switch Poker client receive either a "free" iPhone or "free" iPad.

We put the quotation marks around "free" since the giveaway comes with a rather harsh requirement.

To get these "free" gadgets, you must rake €600 ot €1000 respectively. That's not exactly free.

Plus it seems kind of backward. After all, you're supposed to have one of these machines to start with, right?


Check out Switch Poker here

Play in your browser or download to your iPhone / iPad.