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Skill vs Chance - the Elevator Metaphor

8 July 2009, By: Charlie River

In court hearings around the globe, it's a big issue whether skill or chance predominates in poker. In many countries and states, the legal status of poker depends on this question.

In an article on Poker News Daily, Mike Sexton describes the situation when he was called to South Carolina to witness for poker as a skill game.

According to Sexton, the predominance of skill is a "no-brainer" to poker players but hard to prove in a court of law.

Howard Lederer has produced a very convincing proof for the dominance of skill based on the fact that most poker hands never go to showdown (it's well hidden halfway down the page).

Lederer's proof is beautiful and convincing, although I could play the devil's advocate and raise a couple of points against it. I won't, though.

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