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Poker Reality Shows

14 April 2010, By: Melissa Castello

Everyone has their own view of what they think a poker players lifestyle is.  Most everyone assumes poker players have large amounts of money and don't respect it, they party a lot, they get lots of girls, and live like rock stars.  For the most part they are right, depending of course on who we're talking about.  There are lots of players who are broke, cautious, and don't live the crazy lifestyle.  Who cares about them! We want to party like rock stars and live the big life!

Some players are showing us just how good the poker lifestyle can be in a few upcoming reality shows.  Here's a few in the works-

Joe Cada and crew - 6th Street: Life After the River

Some of the videos are funny, some are a bit douchey, some are very true to the poker lifestyle, some are a bit dramatic, but all are entertaining.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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  • John 15/04/2010 8:26am (9 years ago)

    entertaining i guess ...when your not workin on your roll!!!!