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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 3 - Summer is Here, Negreanu Gets Indecent Proposal

3 June 2011, By: compncards
Daniel 2011 430x286
Daniel 2011 430x286

Today's World Series of Twitter final table saw the arrival of summer as well as a visit from Doyle Brunson and an indecent proposal for Kid Poker.

In Seat 9, Shaun Hendrickson officially informed us to the start of the summer:

Cougars4444 TJ Cloutier playing craps at Rio. Summer has officially started.

The Rio thanks Mr. Cloutier for keeping them in business.


In Seat 8, Tim West provided a PSA for those that 4:20 is not just the start of the 2nd break at the Noon event.

@TheTmay: FYI wsop stoners saw Five O patrolling the parking lot when I was parking.

While this is nothing new, I'm sure the wombats appreciate it.


Hollywood Dave Stann tells us from the seven seat what he REALLY thinks about Men "The Master" Nguyen:

Hollywood_Dave This just in: Men the Master is an angle shooting piece of shit. Guess I always knew that but WOW. Dude is a piece of work

Actually, Men called Stann a cheater, which is shall we say ... interesting considering the source.


Jonathan Vuong makes his 2nd WSOT final table of the week. In Seat 5, he retweeted one from  @99problemsPR regarding the announcement of the $1 Million buy-in tournament during next year's WSOP:

JonV Damn skippy ~ RT @99problemsPR: @JonV you mean the inagural "Make sure Ivey never misses another WSOP" tourney

We are assuming Full Tilt pays everyone back before the 2012 WSOP.  Yes, I said it.


The Godfather of Poker Doyle Brunson makes his first WSOT final table of year in Seat 4. Apparently he had never read any of @PokerLawyer 's blogs and had a mistaken impression of her:

TexDolly @PokerLawyer My name is Doyle, not Mr Brunson. No, my pre evaluation of you was a Texas mom who loved Buddy's Steak fingers.

Of course, my profile states I like hunting exotic monkeys, but that doesn't mean you should pass judgment ... right? Maybe I should change my profile.


@Shwack_ chimed in from Seat 3 and made a fair point about certain "poker wear" you may see floating around the Rio this summer:

@Shwack_ @AsianSpa @wsoptd the term " I Knocked out a pro " t-shirt may take on a whole new meaning.

Play, chat, and kick the ass of a pro.  We play at the 2011 World Series of Poker.


In Seat 2 we have....ME.  Yes, I put myself at the final table today. (It was a slow twitter day.)

AsianSpa had some questions to Jack Effel regarding t-shirt appropriateness. After getting his answer, I asked Jack the following:

compncards @WSOPTD How about a "Jack Effel can beat up your honor student" shirt? :-)

Jack never replied. He probably knew better than to open Pandora's box.  :-)


Finally, in Seat 1 Daniel Negreanu makes his 2nd final table of this week after receiving his own version of an "indecent proposal."

RealKidPoker Lady just whispered in my ear "If I give you a prenup will you marry me if I just use you for poker lessons and sex?" Never heard that one!

I replied and asked what his response was. According to Jason McCartney:

jmactastic26 @compncards answer from @RealKidPoker "Can you wait until dinner break?"

Well played sir.

That's your final table for today.

Come back tomorrow as we bring you the next installment of the World Series of Twitter.

For daily recaps of all the action at the 2011 World Series of Poker, check our WSOP news section.

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