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Understand a Poker Junkie's Online Poker Site Reviews

25 May 2010, By:
Since different poker players look for different qualities in a poker site, it's almost impossible to say one specific poker site is "the best."
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A high-stakes poker player who uses a Mac clearly doesn't look for the same things as a PC owner who wants to play freerolls and cheap satellites to big live events.

The poker-site rankings at Poker Junkie are an average score weighed on a number of factors - bonuses, traffic, game variety, tournaments, etc. - aimed at giving the average player a general overview.

But position in the toplists doesn't tell the whole story obviously. To truly find the best site for you, it's always best to read the full review and sort through the details that matter to you.

For your convenience, we always compare the same features in the reviews at Poker Junkie:

Promotions and Bonus

All poker sites have some sort of bonus for new players. Some offer a sizable maximum bonus, others a large match bonus based on your first deposit. The best ones offer both.

In the Poker Junkie reviews we take a deeper look at all the various sign-up bonus offers available as well as the other types of promotions a site might have, such as recurring reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, freerolls for new players, VIP programs, etc.

Poker Traffic

If you play Texas Hold'em, you can look at any poker site's overall traffic figures and get a pretty good sense of the amount of games going on.

If you play Omaha, Stud, or any of the less-popular games, the total traffic number might be a bit misleading.

In our reviews, when we rate the traffic level we look at where people actually play at the site. How many are found at cash-game tables and how many play tournaments? How active are the other games besides Hold'em?

We also compare peak traffic hours to show when most players are active.

Software and Graphics

Rating poker site graphics is pretty subjective. While some players prefer life-like avatars and a live-poker feeling, others look for simplicity and the classic online-poker look.

Because of this, we always try to give an overall picture of how the poker site looks and then let the players themselves decide whether or not the site is aesthetically pleasing.

But there are still some hard facts we can rate. Does the site have the stats features players need? Can you stack and tile the tables? Is the software available on a Mac? Is the site compatible with Poker Tracker? And so on.

Game Variety

Again, for a majority of the players, this is not a major factor when choosing a poker site. All sites offer Texas Hold'em and lots of it - both in cash-game and tournament format.

If you want to play another poker variation, or maybe just mix up your game once in a while, make sure you study the game variety list. If you want to play, say, H.O.R.S.E, better make sure it's offered at a site before you sign up.


An average Texas Hold'em player who wants a decent sign-up bonus, games up to the middle limits and basic software features can choose any top room from our top rated online poker sites and be sure to reach to a very good online-poker destination.

If you're more of a poker specialist and are looking for specific features, we recommend you read the online poker site reviews in their entirety so you find a site that offers exactly what you want.


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