Bankroll Tracker

Track your Bankroll and Watch it Grow

Every successful poker player keeps careful records of his or her poker bankroll. The Poker Junkie bankroll tracker is a free tool that will help you take control of your success.

Do you know your hourly win rate in cash games at Party Poker? Do you know how much you win or lose in late night sessions compared to early afternoons? Can you tell how profitable one home game is compared to the other?

Free tool for the ambitious player

If not, you need our bankroll tracker. It’s available on the site at all times, so no matter where you are you can always enter your last session and access your updated stats.

Of course, the bankroll tracker is free, you just need to sign up and start feeding it with your game data.

Start analyzing your playing patterns

Once you’re in, you can keep a vigilant eye on a number of details of your poker sessions, such as your hourly win rate in dollars or big blinds or how many hours you’ve spent in various games.

Your stats are displayed in clear tables and graphs, so you can see in a glance what’s right or wrong with your game.

Being successful at poker not only involves thinking about cards and bets; you also need to be thinking about your game habits. When and how much do you play, where and when do your winning sessions occur?

Thousands of dollars won

The Poker Junkie bankroll tracker has been very popular during the years. More than 600 members have used it in periods, and some have used it rather extensively.

Poker Junkie members have bought in for a total of $655,000 and cashed out $1.8 millions, which gives a ROI (return of investment) of 170%, a decent result to say the least.

Take this tip from hardened players: Keep up the record-keeping even when you’re losing. That’s when you really need it!

Integrity and security

The data you feed into the bankroll tracker will not be used or accessed by the site administration. We might make reference to the total number of users and their total or average winnings, session duration and so on, but we’ll never handle the data on individual level.

Poker Junkie puts a high value on its members’ integrity in all contexts.