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Tony G Bluffed by Isildur1

11 April 2010, By: Melissa Castello
isildur1 tony g poker1 200x300
isildur1 tony g poker1 200x300

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  Tony G is claiming to have been bluffed by Isildur1, if this is true it's one of the best bluffs ever! 

Tony G says he was set to stake Isildur1 50/50 in the Party Poker Big Game,  pay for flight and accommodations for him and 3 of his friends, and even arranged for him to play in a mask as to not reveal his identity. After all this Tony is now saying Isildur1 is bailing out on the event, via text message, 1 day before the event is set to begin. 

Tonys text from Isildur1:

“Sry for not coming, take care bud.”


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