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Poker Apocalypse - What's Your Backup Plan?

16 April 2011, By: compncards
Backup Plan 375x300
Backup Plan 375x300

Gary Wise posted on his blog earlier today about how he thinks the poker world feels. I think he does a good job capturing what I saw from players and media members all over the world.

He talked about how they feel betrayed by the sites, by the government, and by themselves. He talked about people being in fear of what's to come and about the impact on the poker world.

Am I really one of the only people that saw this scenario coming and didn't delude themselves to the possibility?

When I said I emptied my accounts because I saw this coming, that was not just something I wrote for press. While many of you are going to debate poker as a game of skill (which it is not, it's a combination of skill AND luck) and some are going to debate the legality of the UIGEA, the fact remains that it was law.

Simply put, the law said do not use U.S. banks for online gambling transactions. The sites went out of their way to circumvent it and even to the point of paying off banks to launder the money.

They broke the law, and the DOJ is cracking down. It was going to happen, and now it has.

Now's the Time to Consider Plan B

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You Always Need a Backup Plan

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