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Now the only problem is choosing the vehicle to explore the vast sea. Without a doubt, you can find whatever you want, but you want to spend your time playing poker as opposed to searching for hours trying to find a top quality site. The Internet is the most valuable search tool available, but when you take it a step further, the Internet offers specializing sources which can even further reduce the finger work on the keyboard.

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Ask around - there's still a real world out there
A great place to start is by word of mouth. Do you have friends who play poker, and would you like to play with them? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider checking out the poker site or sites that they usually play at. If you have co-workers who are avid online poker players, the deal is the same; you can trust that they'll have an opinion about where you should sign up to play. If you prefer to go the independent route and do your own research in finding a site that best suits your poker game, then glean the following information and get to work.

Take off your role models Another option is to consider some of your favorite poker players. Many of today's highest profile players either endorse their own poker website, or are sponsored by another. If you're a fan of Daniel Negreanu, then you might want to get in the action at Poker Stars. Poker Stars is quite possibly the best place to play if you dream of a WSOP berth! You will never have to search for action once you are signed in because the tables are always full and the action is hot. Whether you want the best tournament action online, or a highly competitive ring game, Poker Stars is the place to be. Pacific Poker may not offer the tip-top in software or graphics, but it most certainly offers some of the best soft competition at the low stakes tables in limit holdem games. You can find decent tournament traffic, and good ring game action, and the site continues to grow in popularity. Use the link at Poker Junkie and you'll be offered an immediate sign up bonus. Yes, these few are quite literally a minuscule percentage of what you'll find in the world of online poker sites, but three of top quality. Regardless, you don't need to pledge loyalty to any one of the online poker sites, so play them all and see where you find your best fit. Good luck!