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Joan Rivers Thrashing Doyle Brunson – Hilarious Interview

13 November 2009, By: Charlie River

If you mess with poker, poker will mess right back. That’s a lesson Joan Rivers is making time and time again. Or should have made. She hasn’t and she never will.

As you may know, it all started when Annie Duke competed against Joan Rivers in Donald Trump’s show Celebrity Something, whatever.

Joan took a pretty hard stance against Duke, calling her garbage and even Hitler while stating that all poker players are white trash.

This was a tad more than the God(father) of Poker, Doyle Brunson, would stand for in regard to poker. He defended his friend Annie Duke and demanded an official excuse from Joan Rivers, which was actually about to happen on site in Vegas but for some reason never came true.

Doyle joking on Rivers

  • If you gave Joan Rivers a penny for intelligence, you would get a refund

  • Joan Rivers got trapped on an escalator...the power went out

  • Joan Rivers tripped over a cordless telephone!

  • Joan Rivers’ friend complimented her on her new alligator shoes but she was barefooted.

  • Joan Rivers has a concussion. She was getting a drink and the toilet seat fell on her head.

  • Joan Rivers bought a scarf but she took it back because it was too tight

River on Doyle Brunson

“Who is this person, I never heard of him?! Oh, lay off trying to get famous on my back. What’s his name? Who the hell is he? When he’s 76 years old and he’s had a career like I’ve had … then we’ll discuss it. When he’s world famous. I love it when people who aren’t in your league comment on you. He should go and die under a deck of cards.”




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  • Tommy Taylor 13/11/2009 7:29pm (9 years ago)

    Since there is evedently nothing more productive to do I think that Koko the signing Gorrilla could join in this battle because it's right up her alley.That way the three of them could sit around and throw crap at each other all-day.

  • boomboom1 13/11/2009 6:48pm (9 years ago)

    I think that this battle should include KOKO the signing Gorrilla so the three of them could sit around and throw crap at each other all day