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Win $50,000 in Progressive Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments at CDPoker

10 April 2008, By:

The tournament fee is a bit larger to make up for the massive jackpots, but in other aspects the tournaments work as your average Sit & Go, with a twist.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is the king of the progressive jackpot Sit & Go's with a jackpot prize starting at $50,000. It grows by $10,000 every week until someone claims the grand prize. It's a six player Sit & Go with a $50+$9 buy-in. If you manage to win six tournaments in a row, the jackpot is paid out.

As a consolation prize, players who finish in the top 2 positions six times in a row receive a $750 from the CD Poker losers fund.


The Rio progressive jackpot tournament is also a six player Sit & Go, but with a $20+$3.50 buy-in. The player who wins six consecutive Rio tournaments wins the jackpot. The progressive jackpot starts at $25,000 and increases by $10,000 each week.

Just like in Fort Knox, there's a consolation prize ($300) for finishing in the top 2 six times in a row.


Maui is an affordable jackpot Sit & Go with a progressive jackpot starting at $15,000. It grows by an additional $3,500 per week until someone wins. It's a 10 player tournament with a buy-in of $5+$0.75, and any player who finishes first in five consecutive Maui tournaments wins the jackpot.

If you finish in 1st or 2nd place five times in a row, you also win $200.

Dirty Dozen

As you probably guessed from the name, the Dirty Dozen progressive jackpot Sit & Go is a 12 player tournament. The buy-in is only $2+$0.40, and the winner of four consecutive Dirty Dozen tournaments wins a $2,000 jackpot.


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