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Stud 8 Players Ignoring Too Many Obvious Spots

18 July 2014 , By: compncards
Stud 8 Wheel
The more I cover poker, the more I realize that the average competency in certain mixed games seems to be steadily dropping. The game where I am seeing the most decay seems to be Stud 8. It really stuck out like a sore thumb this summer while watching some of the coverage of the WSOP but I also have been noticing this trend for a while in the online arena. Players have gotten too loose with their Stud 8 play and seem to practically ignore certain obvious spots.
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Papa Plays Some Poker

28 April 2010 , By: compncards
Old people playing poker 252x300
I have always said that if you want to feel like a young man at almost any age, go play in a stud game. I was playing in a $3 - $6 Stud 8 or Better game in Los Angeles in December 2008 when this older Asian gentleman sat down with his wife kind of hovering around behind him. He very slowly took out his money and bought into the game. Most of the people at the table knew who he was and called him "papa.
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