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WSOP Main Event Day 2a Update No. 2 - Scottie, Johnny, and some more ladies.....

2 10 July 2010 , By: compncards
Sara Dealer 200x300
In exciting news, day 2s are just as boring and mundane as day 1s. Not much is going on here besides the random "All In and Call" being yelled by the dealers ever couple of seconds that keeps us awake on press row. *Scottie Nguyen Baby, and Johnny "Fucking" Chan* Baby this.
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WSOP Main Event Day 1a Update - Girls, Girls, Girls........

1 6 July 2010 , By: compncards
Tiffany Michelle 200x300
Don't tell anyone, but the Main Event started up today and all we have been able to focus on are the ladies. I mean it is Day 1 of a tournament, does anything really exciting ever happen on a Day 1? With that said, on with the ladies, oh and a short introduction for myself (I hacked compncards account and will be posting updates for the rest of the series in his place). *Tiffany Michelle sucks.
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