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Bodog Indicted - Are We Surprised?

28 February 2012 , By: compncards
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By now, most of you know that Bodog. com and its founder Calvin Ayre was indicted as well as three other defendants. This indictment didn't really shock or surprise me, or really anyone that has followed online poker's legal battle since last year. The real surprise comes in the fact that it took them 10 months to file this indictment.
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Wire Act Applies Only to Sports - What About "Sport of Poker"

24 December 2011 , By: compncards
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The DOJ released a memo today that has the poker world abuzz, and for good reason. Essentially, the memo is an opinion from Assistant Attorney General Virginia Seitz that clearly states that the Wire Act only applies to a "sporting event or contest. " Players around the United States as well as lobbyists are rejoicing after the great news. However, Lon McEachern in passing said the following: @lonmceachern[http://twitter.
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KGC Demands DOJ and UB Conclude Negotiations

29 October 2011 , By: compncards
Looks like the Full Tilt Poker press release writer got a new job working for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The following was the press release sent out by the KGC on Friday: "Since the actions taken by the US Attorney'€™s Office for the Southern District of New York (the SDNY€) on April 15, 2011, the Commission has been in close and regular discussions with its licensee, Blanca Games Inc. (Blanca€), operating as Absolute Poker and UB. com (€œAP/UB€), to facilitate the reimbursement of both US and non-US players.
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Subject:Poker Owner Claims He Does Not Like Poker

15 September 2011 , By: compncards
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Subject:Poker has come under a lot of fire lately as the result of an article claiming the US Department of Justice was going to bring charges against the Merge Gaming Network. One of their harshest critics has been Gerry Poltorak. He published an article basically trashing the article's content and even went so far as to call the writer of the article a coward. A follow-up article was published that exposed a Skype conversation between Poltorak and a man claiming to be Subject:Poker's source.
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