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Rush Poker: Strategy, Pros and Cons

28 January 2010 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
It seems that most players are quite happy with the recently introduced Rush Poker feature at Full Tilt Poker and after trying it out for a few hours I have to agree with the majority that it’s a pretty cool idea. It’s not a 100% great feature though – it certainly has some disadvantages. On the other hand it’s incredibly entertaining. Full Tilt is marketing Rush Poker as extremely fast paced, and that’s no exaggeration.

Who Is Who in Poker?

24 September 2009 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
antonius small
Test your poker-junkie skills with this poker quiz. If you can identify the ten world-class poker players below, well, I suppose you are a true poker junkie. To score the maximum ten points you have to recognize both the young guns of poker as well as the old timers. eastgate-small friedman-small huck seed-small negreanu-small obrestad-small sexton small 2 thegrinder-small TJ-small ungar-small *Now!* *1.

Top 10 Badly Dressed Poker Players

3 3 September 2009 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
justin p
Fashion Nightmares on the Poker Circuit The eminent fashion blogger Élan from Fashion Houston[http://www. fashionhouston. com/] has helped us rate and comment the fashion crimes on the poker circuit. With a long experience from the catwalk, she holds the fashion axe in a firm grip and is not afraid to slay the ones without style.
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Radio days with Phil and Barry

24 April 2009 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
Forget the poker shows on TV, if you want a real insight on the life of the high stakes gamblers radio is the thing. The best online poker radio show at the moment is Barry Greenstein's show 'Tips from the Bear[http://www. pokerroad. com/radio/tips-from-the-bear]'.

PLO will eventually drive you insane

17 April 2009 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
Omaha can give anyone gray hairs and if Patrik Antonius had any it would probably have changed color after this horrific beat. I've always regarded Patrik as one of the nicest and most humble pros, but that all changed after seeing this clip. "Good luck buddy. God call by the way, or good raise, good re-re-raise.

Lack of live experience costs Peter Eastgate $25k

6 13 April 2009 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
There's always a lot of talk about young online players having trouble adjusting to live games. Lots of it is just bs, it doesn't take more than a live session or two to get hang of the basic differences. But in season five of High Stakes Poker we've seen some interesting examples of the contrary. In the first episode there's a story of Tom 'durrrr' Dwan checking with only his index finger in Bellagio (like you click the mouse), which caused some confusion because no one even noticed the check.

Negreanu totally off his game in High Stakes Poker

2 8 April 2009 , By: I-PokerJunkie-I
In my opinion Daniel Negreanu is one of the most stable and consistent poker pros out there. I've rarely seen him make any big mistakes, but in the latest episode (#3) of High Stakes Poker season five his game totally falls apart. It all starts with a hand he plays against Barry Greenstein. Negreanu gets pretty unlucky hitting a two pair on the turn when Greenstein has flopped the nut straight.