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Doyle Brunson Going For 11th Bracelet

30 September 2009 , By: compncards
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I wanted to wait until the money was actually reached before I said anything about Doyle's performance at the WSOP Europe. However, now that they are in the money and he has almost 250,000 in chips, it's time to give him some props. Yes, Doyle is among the greatest of all-time, but it still is amazing to watch that man go as he gets older. I am also glad to see that he is still in the hunt for this title.
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All Hail Hellmuth!

29 September 2009 , By: compncards
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" I’ve always liked Phil Helmuth and have defended his tantrums because that is Phil being Phil, but these grand entrances he makes are too much! He came to my table dressed as Julius Caesar along with trumpets and scantily clad girls. It embarrassed me just being there. I would have liked to applied for the role of Brutus. I am a poker purist and stuff like that detracts too much from what a great game poker is.
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Anyone Up For Positive Slavery?

28 September 2009 , By: compncards
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Lady Junkie said that she is in favor of positive discrimination when it comes to poker tournaments. Positive discrimination? Why? Poker is not Affirmative Action. Poker is supposed to be open to all players, regardless of race, color, creed, etc. Why does there need to be positive discrimination? Hasn't there been enough AA in this country? In so many businesses, Affirmative Action has resulted in the "token minority.
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Howard Lederer Has Become Relevant Again

1 26 September 2009 , By: compncards
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Up until around 2004, Howard Lederer was one of the big forces on the poker circuit. Known as "The Professor", he won two WPT titles as well as two WSOP bracelets. Making the final table was as common as making a check-raise is to you or I. Then the poker boom hit and Lederer decided to focus more on his poker related businesses and Full Tilt Poker.

Women Will Never Be Equal in Poker

25 September 2009 , By: compncards
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Lady Junkie said something in her blog that struck me as odd. She said that maybe her ranting would give readers a taste of what women had to put up with during the years of inequality. That assumes that women are considered equals at the poker table. I'm sorry to tell this to you ladies, but the years of inequality are still going on.

Jeff Shulman Actually Does Something Smart - Ivey Still Unphased

24 September 2009 , By: compncards
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The announcement was made this week that Jeff Shulman has hired Phil Hellmuth as his poker coach for the final table of the World Series of Poker in November. When, I first hear this, the first thing I thought was "I thought you wanted to throw the bracelet in the trash. " But it appears he has changed his mind and is touting this as a big deal. It makes sense that Shulman would pick Hellmuth to coach him.
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Big Names Showing Up at the World Series of Poker Europe

23 September 2009 , By: compncards
So we are down to the final table of Event #2 of the World Series of Poker Europe and it looks like the pros are continuing their dominance at the table. JP Kelly took down the Event #1 bracelet to technically make him yet another multi-bracelet winner for 2009. Kelly took the $1,500 PL Holdem event in Vegas this summer. Chris Ferguson finished in 15th.
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A Man Wins a Women's Poker Event - Cue Up the Firing Squad

1 19 September 2009 , By: compncards
A man had won a women's poker tournament! The end of the world is nigh! I swear, if you were to read some of the news stories about this, you would think that the crime of the century had occurred. Starting with PokerNews. com that said that Abraham Korotki has lost his self respect after winning to the dozens of other media outlets that are making this out to be something larger than life, it seems that people want to really make an example out of this guy. Why? Let me ask something of all the women out there? How many of you would be offended if we started holding a "men only" poker tournament? I bet a good portion would start screaming sexism.
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Traffic Plummets at Pitbull Poker Over Superuser Allegations

2 17 September 2009 , By: compncards
The allegations of cheating over at Pitbull Poker are flying high and it looks like the site has done very little to address concerns. For those unfamiliar with the situation, user "Chesterboy" and others have alleged that there are superusers at the site. Owners of the site will not talk to the media but have been answering complaints via poker forums such as TwoPlusTwo. When requested that hand histories be released, the site only released the last 1,000 hands by Chesterboy, but by that point, he had quit playing in the games he felt rigged.
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Poker Hall of Fame Thoughts

16 September 2009 , By: compncards
I listened to an interview earlier this evening where Barry Greenstein discussed the Poker Hall of Fame and who deserved to make it in. He stated that he would vote Phil Ivey and Mike Sexton into the Hall of Fame. Greenstein also stated his case for Sexton's induction. His case was great, but I thought I would give some of my thoughts on the nine candidates up for election: Barry Greenstein - Barry is a phenomenal player both in cash games and in tournaments.
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