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A New Poker Game To Eliminate Bad Beats

10 June 2005, By:
I will guaruntee that 100% of the people reading this article right now have experienced at least 500,000 "bad beats" throughout their poker career. I sure know i have. So what can we do about it? I mean, really, how can we prevent an amateur from having a pair of dueces against our kings and queens and then having them catch an ace on the river to make a higher two pair? I KNOW that you would all love to find a way to solve that problem. I think i have altered the game without changing it too much. The name of the game is called Philly Hold 'em. Here's how it plays out:
  • The cards are dealt the identical way of Texas Hold 'em
  • Small blind one place to the left of the dealer, big blind two places
  • Calls, Folds, Checks, and Raises work the same way
  • Flop comes and the betting order remains the same
  • Turn comes and the betting order remains the same
  • Finally the river comes and the betting order remains the same
  • When the hands are turned up after the betting the ranking of cards
  • differs slightly
  • Each card has a value, 2=2, 10=10, Jack=11, King=13, Ace=14, and so
  • on.

The last part is where the game differs, if noone has at least a pair, you total
the value of the entire hand including both hole cards. This way, the
person with the king jack beats the person with the ace duece
If a player has a pair, everything remains the same as in Texas Hold

If both players have two pair, you once again find the values of the
pairs and whoever has a higher total value has the better hand...

Of all poker card games you've heard of, isn't this one the most fair?

Here is another way to almost eliminate bad beats:

If a player has a straight on the turn and the other player catches a higher straight or any hand with a greater value, the player who had the straight for longer receives 1/3 of his/her money back
This works the same with any denomination of hand greater than two pair.

The idea is still easily alterable. Comment if you have any suggestions.

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  • rod 30/12/2009 5:41am (9 years ago)

    good idea. I can't seem to find a site that I don't always get donked at. Doesn't happen nearly as much as live poker. I've been waiting for someone to come up with something like this, where stellar play is more often rewarded than not. I'm a good player, but at times almost give up completely because of all the horrible beats and rewards that idiots get. Keep pushin your idea hard, and a new game may spawn from it(hopefully). Or maybe start an online demo version so it can catch on.